Although LED lighting has been in use for upwards of fifty years, there are still many issues surrounding it. Although LED lighting makes for great advertisements, lighting sources, and eye catchers, there are a number of problems of which you should be aware. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few common LED lighting issues.

Heating Issues

LED luminaries tend to heat up quite quickly, and can reach temperatures that are high. LED luminaries are subject to heating up, but in areas that are exposed to the sun during hot summer days, LED lighting temperatures can get even hotter than they normally would. As such, be aware of the fact that the level of heat and humidity that your LED lights are exposed to can greatly affect their lifespan. LED lights that are exposed to such heated conditions can wind up lasting markedly shorter than LED lights in temperature controlled environments or locations where heat is not so much of an issue.


Make sure that your LED luminary is placed in a location that can be easily accessed. During the early days of LED installations, it was generally believed that LED lights would not need any sort of repair work or need to be replaced. This is not the case. LED lights are quite resilient, but like any light source they may be subject to repair or replacement. In addition they are, by design, required to run off of electricity. Make sure that you place your LED luminary in an area that is eye catching to potential customers, and is not going to appear blurry or hard to read or distinguish in the distance.


Like most electronic-based devices, LED lights can become subject to damage due to moisture concerns. Moisture can cause some very specific damage to LED lights, however. LED luminaries that have been subject to undue amounts of moisture have a tendency to completely short out, and it is not uncommon for the housing openings of LED luminaries to have to be recaulked due to extensive damage caused by moisture. This is especially the case when LED luminaries are placed in outdoor situations (as many of them are).

LED luminaries can be an eye catching way to draw customers to your place of business. Although resilient, they are not without their faults. Hopefully, this brief article has informed you of some of the more common issues that revolve around LED lights.

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