Many people wonder what kind of countertops they should install in their house. Granite and natural stone are good options for a variety of reasons. Here are some things you need to know about installing granite countertops in your house.

Why Should I Pay For Granite Over Something Cheaper Like Laminate?

Granite is ideal because it is so sturdy. Yes, the initial prices will be a little more expensive compared to Formica or laminate but it will last longer and will look great for decades. For example, you can cut on granite, and it won't scar, you can put hot pots and pans on it and it won't burn, and you can pretty much drop anything on it and it won't chip. Granite is one of the strongest stones, which is why it will last so long. So even though you will pay more money in the beginning, you will probably save money in the long run since you won't have to replace it.

Another reason to choose granite is that it will increase the resale value of your home. You can charge more for the house when you do choose to sell it because the granite is so desirable for many buyers. Thus, even though you put money into buying the granite, you will most likely get it back when you sell.

Do You Have To Do Anything To Care For Granite?

In order to keep your granite looking nice, you should do a couple things. First, you need to seal the granite every year and a half or so. When you first get the granite you should put a heavy seal on it before you use it. This seal will act as a buffer and barrier between the granite and any moisture. For instance, when you put water on granite that hasn't been sealed it will show a small stain until the water has vaporized. This will look much like wet rocks outside. But the sealer will help the water to stay on the surface without soaking into the rock.

Second, you should get a cleaner that is specifically for granite. Although you can use all-purpose cleaners, it is safer and better if you can use something that was made specifically for granite. It will keep it cleaner and will protect the granite from discoloration. This really is the only thing that needs to be done to keep the granite looking nice.

As you can see granite is easy to care for and worth the money. For more information on granite countertops, contact a company like Artisan Granite & Marble.