If your flower garden didn't do well this year even though you worked in it and tried your hardest, there are things you can do to ensure it thrives next year. One of these things you can do now and the other you need to do when spring arrives. Keep reading and you will have beautiful flowers to enjoy from spring throughout the fall season next year.


Over the hot, summer months soil loses a lot of its nutrients. To help replace these nutrients, go to a garden center and purchase some bags of compost and peat moss. How many bags you purchase depends on how large your flower garden is. You need to put approximately two to three inches of the compost and peat moss over the soil.

When you get home with the bags spread each out over the soil in the flower garden. When you are finished, use a garden rake to mix the compost and peat moss in with the current soil. When you are finished doing this, purchase some mulch and lay a couple of inches of mulch over the soil. Mulch will help the soil retain moisture over the winter.

In the spring, you can remove the mulch and set it aside. When you finish planting your spring flowers spread two to three inches of the mulch around your flower garden to help your flowers retain moisture.  If the mulch is not in good shape you should purchase new mulch at a garden center.

Drip Irrigation

Most flowers require about an inch of water per week. If you do not get enough rain to provide your flowers with this much water, then you must water the flowers on your own. You may forget to do this, or this may take you a long time if you have a large flower bed. 

Fortunately, you can install a water irrigation system to automatically water your flowers for you. There are different types. One type is drip irrigation. With this, a hose that has small holes, called emitters, running along the length of it is snaked throughout the flower garden. The end of the hose is attached to a water faucet. When the water is running water trickles out of the holes slowly at a steady pace. The water sinks down into the soil to the roots of the plants where it is needed the most.

You can purchase a timer for the irrigation system to automatically turn on and off the water at certain parts of the day to make things even easier for you.

Talk with a landscape company about this information and they can give you more tips on things you can do to have healthy flowers.