Adding a deck to your home is a great way to add value as well as to create a space that you and your family and friends can enjoy for years. But if this is the first deck you've ever built, you might not be up to speed with everything that is required. Here are a few tips to get you started.

You Might Actually Need a Permit

You wouldn't think you need to apply for a permit to add something to your own home, but depending on the size of the deck, it might actually be required by the building codes in your local town. If not the local municipality, then your homeowners' association might have certain requirements that you'll want to check up on. For most regular sized decks you will be fine, but it's better to check now than be sorry later after the deck is built.

Figure Out What Kind of Material You Want to Use

Obviously, you have multiple choices when it comes to the deck's material. You can go with a traditional wood or even vinyl but if you live in an area with lots of different kinds of weather, composite decking could also be a good choice. Talk to your local contractor about the options and go over a few different options to see what is right for you.

Figure Out What You Are Going to Be Doing On It

You should also take some time to really think about what you want to do out on the deck. Will you be hosting large parties? Do you only want to use it to kick back and relax with the spouse? Whatever you decide to use it for will obviously play a big role in how big or small the final deck should be. You could also create multiple tiers to the deck and have a designated area for furniture and another for grilling or other forms of outdoor cooking. 

Before you start building your new deck, research any requirements from your local municipality or homeowners' association to make sure you are doing everything by the book. Then, take some serious time and really go over the pros and cons of different material types to find what is right for you and your family. Finally, come up with and finalize a deck plan or design that will keep the entire family happy. For more tips, reach out to a deck contractor today.