A lot of homeowners don't realize the damages that drain cleaning chemicals can do to the pipes in their home, especially if the plumbing system is aged and already in fragile condition. If you've noticed that you have leaking and some other plumbing concerns in a drain that you have poured a lot of chemicals down recently, then you'll want to call a plumber right away.

The drain cleaner will remove clogs, but it also causes heating inside the pipes which can soften PVC materials, or erode metal. Here are a few of the things to talk with the plumber about and have them examined fast. 

Drain or Pipe Damages From Chemicals

Signs of pipe deterioration can include rusting and deterioration on the outside of the pipes, along with leaking around the fixtures and connection areas. If the pipes are already old and are also galvanized on the inside, the chemicals could be eating through the aged metal entirely. This could be causing the leaks, and the pipes could be caving which can cause clogs, along with other complications throughout the plumbing system.

Compromised Plumbing System Problems

There are many plumbing system problems that could arise because of the chemicals that have been poured down the drain, including deterioration of pipes throughout the house. If the pipes start to deteriorate, they are also more susceptible to get bacteria stuck and to build debris on the internal pipe linings since the protective coatings are missing. This can lead to odors and bacterial problems for the home.

Potential Septic Concerns

If you have a septic tank problem, you have another concern that you'll have to worry about, and that is the risk that the chemicals are damaging the walls of your septic tank. You want to have the septic tank examined by the plumbing experts if you fear that this may be a risk or a problem. The chemicals can also be a problem for groundwater if they leak outside the plumbing system.

If you have been dealing with plumbing problems in the area where you have put a lot of chemical down the drains for clogs, and now you can see physical damages and complications with the pipes, get the plumbing experts to the property. They will have to replace the pipes in that area of the home, and then look to see if the damages have carried throughout other areas of the plumbing system. For more information, contact your local plumbing services today.