Have you been doing the countdown to the Christmas holidays? If so, that probably means that you are like a kid about Christmas, aren't you? In fact, the countdown probably isn't December. Instead, you are probably looking forward to Thanksgiving Day, with the plan that you'll decorate your house that very evening or the next day. Are you a traditionalist who wants to decorate the tree in the same manner every year? If you are, that probably also means that there's a special ornament that is placed on the tree before others will follow.

On the other hand, maybe you'd like to make some changes this year. It might be that your children have left the nest and have taken their ornaments with them. Part of that is good, right? After all, you bought those ornaments with the idea that your children could someday have them in their own homes. But that leaves you with a relatively bare Christmas tree, doesn't it? Count your lucky stars that you get to go shopping! From picking a theme for your tree to going to a Christmas tree lot, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Christmas Tree Theme

There are so many possibilities for Christmas tree themes that you might have to change the theme every year. Consider doing a Christmas Around The World theme where you look for ornaments from other countries. Another fun idea would be to choose a country farm theme. Then, you could decorate with things like little farm animals and things like tiny tractors.

A Santa Claus theme would be fabulous. Think of all the Santa ornaments you have seen in the past. Wouldn't they look darling on your tree? You could embellish the tree with red ribbons on the ends of the branches. Are you a devout Christian? If so, consider decorating your tree with things like nativity scenes and angels. You could use soft, white lights instead of brightly colored ones to set a serene tone . 

​A Christmas Tree Lot

Of course, you could buy an artificial tree, and you might even already own one. But this Christmas maybe you have decided to go with a traditional fresh Christmas tree from a nursery like Tony's Nursery. If that's the case, from tiny trees that can be used as table centerpieces to extremely tall trees, you are more than likely going to find exactly what you want.

When you arrive at the Christmas tree lot, find a worker to help you right away. Tell him or her the size of tree you want, and whether you want a very full one or one where ornaments can be seen more easily. The worker will know just what to show you. The tree can even be delivered right to your address,