Taking off one's shoes when entering your home is a good habit to get into. There are several reasons why outdoor shoes shouldn't be worn inside.

1. Cleaner Carpets

Carpets can quickly develop soil paths, which are dark areas that belie the traffic patterns across the carpet. The cause of soil paths is predominantly dirty outdoor wear shoes. Even shoes that look clean usually have a thin layer of dirt and grime on the bottom, which can easily be tracked across carpet. Walking also grinds in the dirt, making it hard to thoroughly clean the carpet. Over time, soil paths can lead to permanent darkening that mars the look of otherwise clean carpeting. Switching to home shoes upon arrival at the home solves this problem.

2. Reduced Debris

Shoes also track in loose debris, which can get into carpet and even damage hard flooring. The best case scenario with tracking in debris on outdoor shoes is that there will be an increased need to sweep. Often, though, worse issues occur. The debris can scratch hardwoods and certain types of tiles, especially if it is quite hard and granular, for example. 

3. Fewer Contaminants

There are many contaminants on the ground that we walk through everyday without thinking about, such as car fluids in parking lots and fertilizer residue on residential sidewalks. There are also all the fluids you may step in that you don't want to think of, such as spit and other body fluids. You don't want to track these contaminants into the home, especially if you have children that play on the floor. Switch into room shoes before walking inside so you can keep the floors clean and safe.

4. Softer Steps

For those that have neighbors below them, any loud sounds can pass the floor and disturb the neighbors. Heavier outdoor shoes tend to lead to louder steps as you walk around the home. Soft Japanese home shoes cushion your foot falls so that every step is much quieter and less disturbing.

5. More Hygienic

Unfortunately, bare feet aren't the best alternative to wearing shoes in the home. Athlete's foot and other skin infections can be easily spread around, plus bare feet are not always clean feet. Insisting that room shoes be word at all times will help cut down on the spread of avoidable infections while also ensuring bare feet aren't tracking dirt everywhere.

Invest in a few pairs of Japanese style home shoes in a variety of sizes so there is always a pair available for family and guests. FOr more information about Japanese style home shoes, contact a company like Morihata.