There are a couple of different replacement window materials available today. Composite is popular, aluminum is inexpensive, and wood offers the authentic look some historic homeowners are after. The most popular replacement window material, however, is vinyl. It's durable and affordable and has a nice, clean look. You can be confident vinyl replacement windows will serve you well, but there are still a few tips you'll want to follow when choosing vinyl replacement windows and having them installed.

Don't overlook the importance of glass options.

Many people focus so intently on choosing the right window frame material that they overlook the importance of the glass. You may figure that you've chosen vinyl, and that's all that matters — glass is glass, right? Not really. There are many different glass options to consider, and you still need to make this choice in addition to choosing vinyl.

Low-e glass is a good, efficient choice, as it is designed with a coating to reflect heat waves and keep your home cooler in the summer (and warm in the winter.) Look for dual-pane glass, too. This means the window has two layers of glass, which improves insulation and efficiency. Triple-pane glass, which has three layers, is a good choice in really cold regions, but it's overkill in more moderate climates.

Consider colors other than white.

You probably picture vinyl windows as being white because that is the most common color. However, while white is very common, it is not the only option. Choosing a color other than white is a cheap, easy way to add a pop of color to your home. Rather than having to paint your trim a fun color or add new color to your home's facade, you can just have colorful windows installed. Many window replacement companies offer visualization tools that allow you to upload a photo of your house and see what it would look like with different window colors.

Always opt for professional installation.

Just because you can buy windows at a home improvement store does not mean you can or should install those windows yourself. Window installation requires a lot of precision, and if you do not install the windows properly, you could end up with leaks or inefficiencies. It only takes a window installation company a day or two to install windows throughout the home, and the cost is well worth the improved efficiency and longer lifespan.

With the tips above, your windows can be installed efficiently and effectively. Reach out to a window replacement company to learn more.